Debenhams Beauty Community

It was on a cold winters night in February when I was feeding my newborn baby in the middle of the night doing what I like to call online browsing shopping, putting items in my basket that I was never going to checkout when I came across the Debenhams Beauty Community and the night feed reading became a lot more interesting!

Debenhams have really created a magical space for all beauty lovers, the community is welcoming and a full of passion. There is something for everyone, from the blog where new products are featured regularly along with tips and tricks for everything! New on you gives members an opportunity to test and review products and the monthly challenge is a fun competition for everyone to share their favourite products in line with the theme selected with the favourite winning some amazing prizes.

Community members are invited to participate in events and campaigns for wonderful brands including special masterclasses, product launches and award events including the very first Beauty Club Community Awards which took place earlier this year where community members were recognised for their contributions to the community.

My favourite area of the community is join the chat and everything beauty related is covered in these lovely hubs! Ask anything and someone will have tried what you are curious about, have a recommendation, tips and tricks to get that perfect wing liner, new and exciting launches, gift ideas and so much more. I have meet people I would never have had the opportunity to cross paths with to chat and laugh with, it really does feel like you chatting with old friends when you pop on to post as everyone is so supportive of one another. It is the perfect excuse for some me time, to switch off and escape the day for a short while.

The community is a year old today! Happy Birthday! With over 50,000 members and still growing it really is a beautiful space for everything beauty❤️

Join the Debenhams Beauty Community (it’s free!) and get involved, I am on there as SparkyJ (a nickname I will explain if asked enough!) say hi and share what you love! Let me know your username below in the comments!

One thought on “Debenhams Beauty Community

  1. So sweet of you to share the Debenhams Beauty Community on here hun. You are right you get some good perks and bonuses such as monthly freebies. We all love a treat and great people to engage with ❤❤❤


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