Brush Junkie Official Review

Every artist needs the perfect tool, I am no makeup artist but I do appreciate good quality makeup brushes to make the most of my makeup. I have always chosen quality over quantity when it comes to makeup brushes and don’t want to spend a fortune (or waste my pennies when my toddler gets hold of them and breaks them!) I came across Brush Junkie on Instagram and was instantly drawn to their gorgeous coral brushes, one of my favourite colours! After much window shopping (it’s lethal isn’t it once you start!) I purchased a trio of eyeshadow brushes and a makeup sponge (I always need them!).

Brush Junkie brushes and sponges

About the Brand

Brush Junkie are a cruelty and vegan free brand who believe in kind beauty. They are also environmentally friendly, each order placed contributes to trees being planted around the world, you can scan the QR code on their website (here) to see where trees are being planted! The lovely Adella runs Brush Junkie, she is always on hand to answer queries and advise (and have a lovely chat!).

My delivery arrived beautifully packaged in a gorgeous pink drawstring bag, each item was individually wrapped and a lovely personal note was included. The care and attention to detail with luxurious delicate packaging made me feel I was opening a real treat. I will admit that I did not use my brushes immediately I enjoyed admiring them and their lovely newness for a few days! (Please tell me I am not alone in doing this?!)

My trio of brushes and sponges

I needed some new eye brushes and selected the large shader brush, medium shader brush and the blend and conceal brush (rrp £5.95 each). I immediately loved the look of each brush, elegant and the perfect length for easy eyeshadow application. They are sturdy and easy to hold, the bristles on each brush are so soft picking up pigment and blending it beautifully leaving my eyeshadow looking seamless. I have sensitive eyes and these felt heavenly causing no irritation and no scratching which I have had from brushes in the past (not the best feeling!). They clean beautifully and have not shred hairs which I am so pleased with as these brushes are beautiful!

Such soft brushes

Adella kindly popped a second sponge in my order (she must have known I would loose one to my toddler) and I am so thrilled that she did. These sponges are a beautiful peach colour and expand when dampened (see picture below for some magic!) They applied and blended my foundation beautifully leaving a flawless finish. They are super soft and bouncy which I love! I also use them to blend my concealers and cream blushes, they have cleaned easily after all the products I have used on them!

Brush Junkie sponges expand beautifully once dampened

I am so pleased I found Brush Junkie Official their brushes are excellent quality and reasonably priced. You can purchase single brushes like I did or a full set of brushes at Brush Junkie Official. Sign up for their newsletter to get 25% off your first purchase!

Have you found any new brands that you love? Let me know in the comments and if you found this review helpful tap the star.

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All items were purchased by myself, this post contains no affiliate links

8 thoughts on “Brush Junkie Official Review

  1. I hadn’t heard of brush junkie until your review. I must give them a look. I like that they are planting trees, sounds like a great company. Thanks Sarah

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  2. Thanks for the review Hun. I too discovered Brush Junkie on Instagram. I purchased the 11 piece set and I absolutely love them. Such a gorgeous coral and the sponges are too cute. Love your reviews I wish mine were so descriptive 🥰

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