Self Care Sunday – Bubu Skincare Facemasks Review

I love a good face mask and enjoy the convenience of sheet masks, all ready to go with no fuss or thinking involved – perfect after a busy day! Bubu Skincare recently launched a collection of four sheet masks and a lip mask. I was gifted a selection of their masks to try, great for some pamper time over the New Year.

Believe in Bubu sheet masks

Bubu Skincare is all about cheeky fun, from the bright metallic colourful packaging to the very memorable and on the naughty side names! They have been formulated to target specific problem areas –

  • #Soakmewet – Hydration
  • #Stripitoff – Exfoliating
  • #Feelingdirty – Anti-Pollution
  • #T-Spot – Anti-Blemish
  • #Youpucker – Lip Plumping

The masks are unique with an Advanced Glitterati Hydrogel Structure, the solid gel reacts once in contact with the skin/body temperature releasing all the actives and goodness. They contain environmentally friendly sparkle adding to the fun, I love a bit of sparkle! They are cruelty free, vegan friendly and paraben free too which is always a win for me!

#soakmewet sheet mask


The first mask I tried as my skin was crying out for some much needed hydration! It contains hyaluronic acid and liquorice root too smooth and hydrate the skin. The mask is jam packed full of product and instantly soothed and cooled my skin, it comes in two parts which made application easy. After relaxing for fifteen minutes I massaged the remaining product into my skin which was left looking healthy and dewy. The remaining product soaked easily into my skin and did not affect my makeup application that morning. My skin felt soothed and lovely and soft for the rest of the day.

#feelingdirty sheet mask


This is a shield mask and recommended for use in the morning to protect the skin from pollution and other environmental factors that penetrate our skin. It contains sage leaf extract and an advanced biotech complex to protect the skin against toxins. This is a two part mask also which fitted like a glove and stayed in place during the morning breakfast rush! The product absorbs beautifully into the skin without leaving a sticky excessive layer once the mask is removed. A lovely way to start the day my skin felt refreshed and it acts as a great primer for my makeup which I loved as a time saver on a busy morning!

I love a bit of sparkle!


The exfoliating mask from the collection was slightly different as it was a whole sheet mask to apply in one. Containing a mud formula for gentle exfoliation it did not move an inch on my skin once applied. It felt cooling and soaked in well, I love it when you can feel a mud mask getting to the layers on the skin. It contains AHAs for gentle exfoliation and charcoal and kaolin clay to detoxify. It is a gentle exfoliant which did not irritate my sensitive skin and was relaxing to wash off after with a warm cloth, it felt like a mini spa treat! My skin was lovely and smooth after use.

#stripitoff sheet mask

I found all the masks to be gentle on my skin, each had a natural subtle scent which I found refershing. The masks all were a good fit and stayed in place once applied, regardless of if I was able to sit and relax or mask on the go (which is usually the case!).

Bubu Skincare Face Masks (£7.00 each) are available from Bubu Skincare and Pretty Little Thing. At the time of writing you can currently get 30% off at Bubu Skincare.

Are you a fan of sheet masks or do you prefer to apply a mask? If you enjoyed this review let me know in the comments and tap the star! Sarah x

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Items mentioned were gifted in return for my honest review, this post contains no affiliate links.

One thought on “Self Care Sunday – Bubu Skincare Facemasks Review

  1. I want to try all of these 🙊 I have read alot of positive reviews on these on Instagram also. I do love to travel with Sheet Masks. I am most intrigued by the lip mask 💋❤


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