Sevs Natural Skincare Rose and Lemon Facial Soap Review

I was so excited when Sevs Natural Skincare gifted me their Rose and Lemon facial soap to review. Rose is not only one of my favourite flowers, it is also a scent I am drawn to so I could not wait to try this beautiful facial soap!

Sevs Natural Skincare Faciak Soap

Sevs Natural Skincare are a British brand who are cruelty free and use 100% natural ingredients in their products. They avoid using chemicals which is great for sensitive skin like mine! The soap arrived beautifully wrapped and is a beautiful pink shade – my favourite colour!

The Rose and Lemon Facial Soap

The Rose and Lemon soap has a lovely delicate scent which I find refreshing, it adds a hint of Spring in my bathroom! I find the soap lathers well once in contact with water and is very soothing on my skin. I like to get the soap wet in my hands before massaging the lather into my skin and rinsing off with my face cloth. It is not drying and leaves my skin feeling clean, hydrated and moisturised for the day.

The soap lathers once in contact with water

I have been enjoying using the soap as part of my skincare routine and love how soft and clean it leaves my skin feeling. It is a very gentle soap which does not cause my sensitive skin any irritation and is also benefiting my dry hands with its kind formula. Sevs Natural Skincare create customisable soaps for your personal skincare requirements, they have a variety of options available to tackle and soothe all skincare needs. I am really enjoying using the Rose and Lemon facial soap and will be exploring more of the skincare range from Sevs Natural Skincare.

A gentle and soothing formula

The Rose and Lemon Facial Soap (£6.00) is available directly from Sevs Natural Skincare

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy weekend, stay safe. Sarah xxx

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Products mentioned were gifted in return for my honest review, no affiliate codes have been used in this post.


  1. I haven’t heard of this brand before. But I love that it is a British brand! The prices seem to be very reasonable too! I am always looking at what other brands and products other people are using! Thank you for sharing your detailed review!

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