EvoNatural Glossy Balm Review

I am a huge fan of lip balm and a glossy finish! When EvoNatural kindly gifted me their recently launched Glossy Balm I was very excited to test it out!

Evo Natural Glossy Balm

EvoNatural are a British cruelty free brand. The balm formula is 100% plant based and bee friendly avoiding use of any bees wax or petrochemicals (mineral oils) which I love!

The Glossy Balm comes in a beautiful reusable aluminium pot, it survives my handbag which is no mean feat! I love the sustainability of the packaging and that refills are an option.

The Glossy Balm in Original

The Glossy Balm is super comfortable to wear on my lips, a small amount goes a long way and the balm glides on beautifully. It leaves my lips feeling moisturised and soft without leaving them sticky, no need to worry about my hair sticking to my lips! It leaves a beautiful shine on my lips which is great for everyday. I can apply lipstick on top as normal and it does not affect the application or finish at all.

Wearing The Glossy Balm

The Glossy Balm is available in Original and Hint if Mint which will leave a zingy refreshing feeling on your lips. I will be using the Glossy Balm through Spring and Summer to keep my lips hydrated and soft! The perfect addition to my handbag!

The Glossy Balm (£6.95) is available directly from EvoNatural

Wishing everyone a healthy and restful Sunday, Sarah xxx

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Products mentioned were gifted in return for my honest review, no affiliate codes have been used in this post.

16 thoughts on “EvoNatural Glossy Balm Review

  1. Thank you Sarah, that’s an awesome review. I think you will also notice that, unlike the petro versions, your lips will feel softer even between applications which vaseline/petrolatum based ones will actually contribute to chapped skin in winter months which is awful. X x

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  2. I haven’t seen this before but it sounds great. I love minty lip balms so I’d love to try that one, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Pots like that always seem to last forever too x


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