Getting To Know Floragy Skincare

Floragy Skincare

‘I’ve always had an interest in nature and plant life so began to research some simpler ways to nourish and hydrate my skin’

Louisa Tidy, Floragy Skincare

Floragy Skincare are based in the beautiful Kent countryside (I am biased as I am a Kent girl myself!). Taking inspiration from their natural surroundings Floragy have created an effective award winning skincare collection, focusing on removing the need for unnecessary products and simplifying skincare for everybody. Their founder Louisa Tidy was kind enough to take the time to share more about Floragy’s journey and exciting plans for the future!

The beautiful Radiant Mask

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself!

I live in Kent near the coast with my husband. I lived and worked in London for a lot of my career as a Regional Manager for various fashion brands but gravitated back to Kent to have more of a work life balance. I am a foodie! I love cooking and trying new recipes. We live near the beach and spend our summer evenings there for a bit of calm.

I love travelling! My favourite city is Barcelona because of the food and also the pace of life there.

Award Winning Floragy Skincare

How Was Floragy Born?

I have always suffered from dry skin on my face and body and found that most moisturisers still left my skin feeling and looking dry. I have always had an interest in nature and plant life so I began to research some simpler ways to nourish and hydrate my skin. I played around with a few carrier oils and started to apply them daily to my face, I love how oils feel on the skin, they leave your face looking dewy and soft and I was so surprised at how amazing my skin felt and looked afterwards.

The beautiful Floragy Collection

I gave a sample to my friend as she is a bit of a skincare junkie and was interested in this new face oil I had created. She loved it! so I decided to take it to market. I really wanted the brand to be accessible to everyone and also represent the harmony within nature.

Floragy Revive Face Oil

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge For You To Overcome?

I really underestimated the amount of time and planning involved in creating social media content, I had always imagined it would be the easy part! I am still trying to get some sort of routine in place to enable me to plan ahead and am now working with a content specialist which is invaluable. I’m still working full time so having someone else also looking at my social channels has been so helpful.

Which Product Are You Most Proud Of?

It has to be our Revive Face Oil it was the first product I developed for myself, it was created for my own dry skin issues. I love that so many other people feel the same way about it! It’s such a versatile product as it can be used as a moisturiser for any dry patches on the body as well.

Award winning Rock and Rose Face Oil

What Has Been Your Pinch Me Moment?

It has to be when we won The 2020 Editors Choice Beauty Shortlist Award for our Revive Face Oil, No.3 Smoothing Hair Oil and our Banana + Coconut Clay Face Mask!

Award Winning Banana and Coconut Clay Mask

After we received the email telling us we had won we were up at 5am on the Monday morning when they announced which award we had been given! That was the moment I have been the most proud, there’s so many amazing brands which have won these awards I’m so honoured and grateful that the industry has recognised our products.

What Are Your Plans For The Future? Any exciting News To share?

We have got some fantastic new products which are currently in development including a face balm and an eye serum! I’m also looking to expand our collection to include unscented versions of some of our popular products including the Revive Face Oil to cater for pregnant customers and those with skin sensitivities.

Cleanse & Be Nourishing Cleansing Balm

I’ve also just launched the Floragy Journal which can be found on our website. This will be a monthly feature covering all sorts of topics! Our website is also having a make over! you can expect to see some exciting changes happening soon!

You can purchase a Floragy skincare directly from their website.

If you enjoyed this post tap the star and if you would love to get to know more independent brands see my post on Rosalena Skincare!

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe, Sarah xx

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No affiliate codes have been used in this post. Images provided by Floragy.

6 thoughts on “Getting To Know Floragy Skincare

  1. Oooh I never tried Floragy Skincare before but their products sound interesting. I love their mask powder! I have a similar one from a different brand and it works so well! It is great that they are about the natural ingredients. Thanks for sharing some insight!

    Nancy ♥

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