Good Enough To Eat? Dames and Dimes Massage Bar Review

I love it when skincare looks good enough to eat! When I saw the new massage bars from Dames and Dimes I had to give them a try, warning this post may make you hungry and crave chocolate!

The cocoa smelling Original Massage Bar from Dames and Dimes

The collection consists of four different bars:

  • The Original Massage Bar
  • Buttercream Vanilla Shimmer Bar
  • Chocolate Orange Shimmer Bar
  • Coconut and Orange Shimmer Bar
Packaging comes with a warning!

I opted for the Original bar, resembling white chocolate it has a comforting scent of cocoa that is warming and makes my mouth water. I purchased the Chocolate Orange shimmer bar for my Mums birthday and can confirm it smells gorgeous! So tempting to eat!

The Original Massage Bar from Dames and Dimes

The massage bars are handmade from organic ingredients including:

  • Organic unrefined cocoa butter
  • Organic unrefined shea butter
  • Organic unrefined camellia
  • Organic illipe
Beautifully packaged

I have been using the Original Massage bar for a few weeks now and love how soft it makes my skin. I use it after a shower at the end of the day, once the bar is in contact with my skin the oils and butters melt into it (like chocolate!) feeling wonderfully indulgent! The formula is nourishing and gentle without being greasy or sticky, leaving my skin with a lovely subtle glow and smelling of cocoa! I am finding it to be effective on my dry patches, in particular my knees and elbows giving them some much needed soothing moisture.

The Yummy Original Massage Bar

I especially enjoy using the bar on the soles of my feet, I spend a few minutes on each enjoying an easy and effortless massage and feel like I am floating on a cloud after! It also soothes and softens the hard skin on my feet – a double win! It is such a gentle formula, I have experienced no irritation at all. The only problem with these yummy smelling bars is that you will be left wanting chocolate! I also advise hiding it from little ones who if like mine when they spot it will try to eat it! (No harm came to my boys or the bar!).

Melting beautifully into my skin

After time in the sun during these beautiful warm days my skin is enjoying an added boost of moisture from the massage bar and is left feeling lovely and soft. I am so pleased I came across the massage bars from Dames and Dimes and will be continuing to use them.

The Massage Bars (£8.00 each) are available directly from Dames and Dimes.

Which bar are you tempted by? let me know in the comments below!

Have a lovely weekend! Sarah xx

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21 thoughts on “Good Enough To Eat? Dames and Dimes Massage Bar Review

  1. This sounds like something I would love! It’s great that it’s so easy to use too and not too greasy. They have some of my favourite ingredients in too so I need to try one of these. Vanilla buttercream sounds incredible! x


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh man, I am so bad when it comes to things looking like they’re good enough to eat. A lot of things from Lush fits into this description hehe. The massage bar looks amazing! I love that the texture really gives a positive effect when using them. Love that they’re super affordable too. thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, it’s the first time when I heard about the massage bar, bet you actually took my attention! It’s something that I would like to try now (especially ”Coconut and Orange Shimmer Bar”, it sounds sooooo gooooood). Ohh, thanks for the review and for introducing me to this massage bar!


  4. Well they sound really lovely. I have used shea butter soaps before and cocoa ones, they are my favourites, but the coconut and orange shimmer bar sounds awesome. I shall check them out x


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