Noughty or Nice? Noughty Haircare Review

If I had the gift of more time it would currently be spent on my hair. I rarely have the time to style and treat it with two little ones that dislike me going anywhere near it! I always am looking for products to do the work for me and was really excited to receive the Tough Cookie range from Noughty to hopefully give my hair the TLC and oomph it currently needs!

Noughty Haircare

Noughty are cruelty free and vegan friendly, using 97% natural ingredients in their formulas avoiding sulphates and silicones. Noughty have a range to suit everyone’s hair type including:

  • To the Rescue – for dry, damaged and frizzy hair
  • Hello Wave – for curly and wavy hair
  • Rinse and Shine – for normal to dry hair
  • Tough Cookie – for weak and brittle hair
  • Care Taker – for sensitive scalp
  • Pumped Up – for fine and limp hair
  • Blondie Locks – for blonde hair
  • Detox Dynamo – for build up
  • Colour Bomb – for colour treated hair
  • One Hit Wonder – for fragile hair

The packaging is bright and bold, I love the fun element about it! Noughty are upgrading their packaging to recyclable sugarcane by January 2021 which I love, it is great to see brands playing their part in caring for the environment.

Bright and Fun Packaging

Tough Cookie Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

Tough Cookie Shampoo and Conditioner promise to strengthen weakened hair and reduce breakage – perfect my hair is fine, long, weak and breaking at any opportunity! The formulas contains:

  • Sea Buckthorn, Cloudberry and Bilberry – an anti-oxidant trio to protect the hair
  • Wheat Bran Extract – to strengthen the hair and reduce breakage
  • Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate (SLMI) – derived from coconut a sulphate free mild water-soluble to provide lather and cleansing in all Noughty shampoos.
Tough Cookie Shampoo

I only require a little amount to achieve a lovely light foam from the shampoo which leaves my hair feeling lovely and cleansed. A small amount of conditioner is plenty for my hair and applies easily, I like to add a little extra to my ends and leave it a couple of minutes for some added conditioning, especially on washes between hair masks. Both rinse well and have a beautiful fresh berry scent, when my partner notices (so rarely interested!) I know it must good!

Tough Cookie Conditioner

After three weeks I noticed the strength of my hair improving, it feels slightly thicker and looks healthier. I am certainly experiencing less breakage as evidenced by my hair brush and hoover! My hair is left lovely and soft after each wash and it’s condition is improving. It is less frizzy and more hydrated which is perfect in this warmer weather when all I am doing is tying my hair up to keep cool.

Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner

I am a big fan of leave in treatments, they make life so much easier! The Intensive Care Leave-in Conditioner promises to rescue (currently imagining Superman!) dry, damaged and frizzy hair. The formula contains:

  • House of Oils – Noughty’s unique blend of plant oils to strengthen and moisturise the hair, reduce damage and improve hairs smoothness and shine.
  • Vitamin E – to protect the hair from environmental stress factors
  • Argan Oil – to increase hair elasticity
  • Shea Butter – to improve moisture and condition
Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner

The conditioner applies easily through my hair, it feels silky as opposed to sticky. It is a lovely rich formula that controls my frizz and prevents my hair from tangling. I happily leave my hair to dry naturally after use, it tames my hair leaving it manageable. My hair is super soft after use, the conditioner really moisturises my ends and leaves it looking and feeling healthy and stronger. It has a lovely scent of almonds which leaves my hair smelling and feeling fresh.

Noughty Tough Cookie Collection

I am really pleased with how Tough Cookie Shampoo and Conditioner and Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner have improved and strengthened the condition of my hair through continual use. My favourite is the Leave-In Conditioner it feels luxurious moisturising whilst protecting my hair, my superhero (cue the Superman music!). I love how affordable Noughty products are I will definitely trying more from their collection.

Noughty Haircare (from £6.99) is available directly from Noughty and retail stockists

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Wishing everyone a healthy and happy week! Sarah xxx

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15 thoughts on “Noughty or Nice? Noughty Haircare Review

  1. Oooh! I haven’t tried Noughty hair products before but it is great that they are great for helping your hair. Big plus that they don’t have sulfates and silicone! I like the large variety of hair types they cater to. Love when you don’t need a lot to treat your hair. Glad you enjoyed the products! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    Liked by 2 people

  2. really great to see that these products worked for you! i’ve tried their intensive hair treatment and it unfortunately wasn’t for me but i’m really keen to try their other products ✨

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand before but the products sound lovely – especially the leave-in conditioner, which my poor frazzled locks could DEFINITELY benefit from. I’ll have to look out for these, thank you for your review! Lisa

    Liked by 1 person

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