Spotlight on L’Organiq Skincare

Post contains PR Samples/Gifted Items

During the hotter months I often experience more oily skin than usual, particularly around my t-zone. I was delighted when I received products from L’Organiq skincare collection to relieve and assist with acne alongside boosting and rejuvenating our skin, I couldn’t wait to try them!

L’Organiq Skincare

L’Organiq are a UK brand who use natural high quality ingriedients in their products, they are cruelty free and vegan friendly. L’Organiq is committed to being sustainable encouraging reusable packaging through their return, recycle and reuse scheme in which returned glass jars and bottles are reused, resulting in less waste and a 15% off future purchase reward for the customer, I love this initiative and hope more brands follow their lead! L’Organiq offer a skincare, body care and men’s line, I have three products from their skincare collection to share with you!

Clear Skin Cleanser (£16.00)

The Clear Skin Cleanser comes packaged in a glass jar with a pump dispenser. The pump is easy to use and distributes the cleanser perfectly. It promises to improve oily skin and assist in reducing acne, the formula contains some great ingredients to do this:

  • Natural Fruit Extracts – Essential Vitamins and Minerals for your skin
  • Watermelon Extract – Improves your skins appearance
  • Strawberry Extract – Beneficial for oily skin aiding acne reduction.

The cleanser is a luxuriously rich texture, a little of which goes a long way and I require no more than two small pumps for my face. It is scentless and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth after use.

Clear Skin Cleanser

Vitamin Boost Facial Serum (£24.00)

The Vitamin Boost Facial Serum comes packaged in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser which distributes the desired amount of product. It promises to be anti-aging, boost and improve your skin tone and help to manage acne. It contains some key vitamins in its ingredients:

  • Vitamin A – Retinol to improve your skins appearance and encourage collagen production
  • Vitamin C – Increases Collagen Production
  • Vitamin E – Rich in antioxidants, heals your skin

The serum is silky and smooth to touch. It absorbs quickly and easily into my skin without leaving any unwanted sticky or tacky feeling. It feels lightweight once applied and layers well underneath my moisturiser creating the perfect base for it to absorb.

Vitamin Boost Facial Serum

Rose Aloe Toner (£14.00)

The Rose Aloe Toner comes in a glass bottle with an atomiser pump making it easy to spray the toner onto your cotton pad for use. It has a light rose scent which I love, Rose is one of my favourite scents! It promises to soothe and moisturise the skin whilst removing excess oils and reducing acne. It contains gentle ingredients in its formula:

  • Aloe Vera – To soothe, hydrate and moisturise your skin
  • Rose Flower Water – Contains antibacterial properties beneficial in preventing acne

Once applied the Rose Aloe Toner instantly calms and refreshes my skin. It feels lovely and cooling which has been perfect during the summer months! I find two spritzes onto my cotton pad are sufficient.

Rose Aloe Toner

My Review

I have been using the products from L’Organiq in my skincare routine for 7 weeks and am really pleased with how they have benefited and improved my skin. My skin is smoother, appearing more even and feels lovely and soft! My hormonal breakouts have certainly benefited from the trio of products, in particular the addition of the Clear Skin Cleanser to my routine causing my breakouts to become less frequent and irritated which I was really happy to see.

The Vitamin Boost Serum leaves my skin with a subtle hint of glow (as you know I’m all about the glow!) and gives my complexion a healthy boost. My favourite is the Rose Aloe Toner, I can feel it hydrating and soothing my skin instantly. I may have overused it during our hotter summer days as it is so refreshing and cooling on the skin! just what I need at the end of a hot day to revive my complexion. All the formulas of the three products are gentle and have caused my skin no irritation. I will be continuing to use the products in my skincare routine and will definitely explore more from L’Organiq! I will of course be participating in the return, recycle scheme once finished!

My skin has benefited from the beautiful L’Organiq Skincare

The Clear Skin Cleanser (£16.00) Aloe Rose Toner (£14.00) and Vitamin Boost Serum (£24.00)are available directly from L’Organiq.

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Wishing everyone a healthy and happy week! Sarah xxx

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Products mentioned were gifted/PR samples, opinions are my own please refer to my  Disclosure, no affiliate codes have been used in this post

5 thoughts on “Spotlight on L’Organiq Skincare

  1. I’ve not heard of this brand before but the products sounds absolutely gorgeous. I remember reading that strawberries are good for your skin, although I have to confess I thought it meant eating them rather than applying topically! I’ll have to look into this brand as I get oily skin too, especially when it’s warm. Great review, Sarah, thank you for sharing 🙂 Lisa x


  2. Awesome post, I will look into all of these cruelty-free products! Thank you. I nominated you for the Gamba WordPress Shining Star Award for Peace & Save Environment. ❤


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