Untamed Defrizz Wave Tame Hairdryer Review

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I have never appreciated great haircare as much as this year trying to achieve the salon at home experience, I always feel more put together when my hair has a bit of bounce and behaves! I was intrigued and excited to try the Untamed Defrizz Wave Tame Hairdryer to attempt to manage my hair!

Untamed Defrizz Wave Tame Hairdryer

Untamed Official are an award winning UK based haircare brand with years of experience within the industry. They are passionate about giving our hair the hydration and nourishment it needs to banish frizz and parched hair leaving us all with hair that is healthy and moisturised. To do this they have created a unique Argan oil dispensing nozzle!

The Defrizz Wave Tame Haircare set

Why Argan Oil? It contains anti-oxidants, Vitamin E and fatty acids which will protect and nourish your hair leaving it hydrated, softer and silkier.

The Defrizz Wave Tame Hairdryer has an sleek black golden speckled design (love a bit of sparkle!) It comes beautifully boxed and includes:

  • The Defrizz Wave Tame Hairdryer
  • Three styling nozzles – including the unique Argan Oil dispenser!
  • Three Argan oil 5ml bottles
Beautifully packaged

I love that the Argan Oil bottles are reusable and can be refilled with an Argan/Moroccan oil of your choice. The hairdryer has varying heat and speed settings for your preference, a cold shot blast to set your style and a fantastic 3m length cable to ensure we can always reach a mirror!


I have been using the Defrizz Wave Tame Hairdryer for a month now and love the benefits I can see in my hairs health and appearance. The hairdryer is light weight and easy to manoeuvre thanks to the lengthy 3m cable. The speed and heat settings are located on the handle making it easy to adjust during drying. It is not a loud hairdryer which I appreciate as it won’t disturb the little ones at night!

Adjustable speed and temperature settings

The Argan Oil bottles are easy to attach to the dispensing nozzle, the bottles have useful indicators at various points to let me know when to get ready to refill. I generally found a bottle lasted ten blow drys which I was really pleased with. I love that they can be refilled with any Argan oil of my choice making it super easy to maintain and use.

I have fine hair and alot of it! It is flyaway and dry, not the greatest combination! Since using the Defrizz Wave Tame Hairdryer it looks and feels softer, smoother and shinier. It is a quick hairdryer to use and I find myself spending less time and using less styling products on my hair as it becomes more manageable which makes me really happy. My hair feels silky and light, my ends in particular are considerably less dry and brittle. It truly is skincare for your hair!

I love the salon at home feeling I get and notice a significant difference in my hair when I do not use the Defrizz Wave Tame hairdryer, it has worked magic on my hairs appearance and condition and I couldn’t be happier!

The Defrizz Wave Tame Hairdryer (£79.99) is available from Untamed. Currently on sale at £59.99! (at time of writing).

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Wishing everyone a healthy and happy weekend! Sarah xxx

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