Makeup Revolution Precious Glamour Butterfly Lash Mascara Review

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I have become more of a mascara addict in 2020 than ever, it has been the year for mascara to work some magic! The Precious Glamour Butterfly Lash Mascara from Makeup Revolution is full of glitz, sparkle and fun! I do love Makeup Revolution and this is the first mascara from them that I have tried, I am not sure how that has happened! Keep reading for my review.

Makeup Revolution Precious Glamour Butterfly Lash Mascara

The Precious Glamour Butterfly Lash Mascara comes in beautiful pink sparkling metallic packaging, perfect for by pink lover! It has an added bonus of a rose gold butterfly ring which can be removed and adjusted to size to fit your finger, I love this added touch!

The classic wand design

The wand is a classic straight design with long bristles to capture and seperate lashes whilst giving them lift and volume. The Precious Glamour Butterfly Lash Mascara promises to:

  • Add volume to your lashes
  • Seperate your lashes for a fanned out appearence
  • Give a beautiful fluttery finish
  • A buildable formula
The Precious Glamour Collection

I have been using the Precious Glamour Butterfly Lash Mascara for three weeks and love the light and fluttery appearance it gives my lashes. The wand is lightweight and glides through my lashes with ease, separating and capturing every single lash. It gives my lashes a lovely lift and definition, emphasising my eyes without appearing too heavy which I really enjoy.

It has a light formula which is easy to manipulate and layer without causing any clumping and avoiding the spider appearance that I really do not enjoy! Once set the mascara does not move, I have experienced no flaking or transfer which I was impressed with. It sets quite quickly making it easy to layer to achieve a natural or dramatic finish depending on your preference. It is so comfortable and lightweight I often forget I was wearing mascara, it has caused my eyes no irritation which is always a win!

Applied to one eye
Applied to both eyes

It gives a beautiful everyday finish, light and fluffy lashes with lift and volume without being too intense. If you prefer a more dramatic appearence you can build up to it, I found three/four layers gave me a very intense finish. It removes easily at the end of the day with my normal makeup remover without the need to scrub my eyes excessively. It is a lovely mascara and a really affordable price, perfect for a natural flutter without the worry of panda eyes!

Makeup Revolution are cruelty free and vegan friendly!

The Precious Glamour Butterfly Lash Mascara (£8.99) is available from Revolution Beauty*, ASOS* and Beauty Bay*.

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Wishing everyone a healthy and happy week! Sarah xxx

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