Gallinée Face Mask and Scrub Review

I always appreciate a multiuse product, anything that saves time without compromising on quality and results is a must have in my book! I love taking time out to do my skincare routine although quite often I don’t get as long as I would like so when I came across the Gallinée Face Mask and Scrub I was drawn in and had to see for myself!

Gallinée Face Mask & Scrub

Gallinée are a French skincare brand who are committed to nurturing our skins wellbeing through supporting its protective layer the Microbiome. To do this they have formulated a unique complex of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to support our skins good bacteria and help to maintain our skins health and pH balance making their products suitable for the most sensitive of skin, all sounds fab doesn’t it!

The Face Mask and Scrub comes packaged in a lightweight tube, I love the minimal design and find it a calming presence on my shelf. It dispenses through a squeeze top which I often prefer, easy and hygienic! The Face Scrub and Mask promises to gently exfoliate and refresh your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth and looking healthy, the perfect multi-tasking mask!

Key Ingredients

The Face Mask and Scrub formula includes Gallinée‘s patented biotic complex containing lactic acid to nurture the skins microbiome alongside additional beneficial skin loving ingredients including:

  • Prebiotics – to help support your skins barrier, supporting your skins good bacteria whilst acting against bad bacteria
  • Sea Minerals – to revitalise stressed and tired skin
  • Vitamin E – a natural antioxidant which protects and hydrates the skin
  • Lactic Acid – to maintain your skins pH level, the formula uses a slow release form to ensure it is gentle on the most sensitive of skin
  • Kaolin – to purify the skin and balance your skins natural oils

Formulated with 97% natural ingredients the Face Mask and Scrub is free from irritants including colourants, SLS, silicones, mineral oils and parabens.

A gorgeous smooth texture


The Face Mask and Scrub has a wonderful luxurious aura to it from its beautiful lightweight texture to its refreshing scent it immediately felt a real treat! I have used it both as a mask and exfoliant and love how nurturing it is. Containing tiny particles it is a gentle exfoliant which feels comfortable on my skin, I recommend gently massaging it on for some extra relaxation. It slots easily as a mask treatment into my skincare routine, I pop a even layer on my face for five minutes and in that short space of time my skin is left feeling soft and smooth. I use it twice a week as a mask and love how it revitalises my skin giving it a bright and healthy appearance.

A gentle and effective mask

It is a nourishing formula which keeps my skin feeling hydrated and soothed which is just what my skin ordered (more demanded!). Currently I am experiencing more skin sensitivity (thank you Winter!) and experienced no irritation whilst using the Face and Mask Scrub , no drying or tightening sensation which is always a big plus for me. Adding moisture to my dehydrated areas and effectively balancing the oils in my tzone, it certainly is a multitasker and will be suitable for all skin types. A lovely gentle mask which gives my complexion the much needed lift it needs super quickly! It has become a must have in my skincare collection and I will be exploring more from Gallinée.

Gallinée are cruelty free!

The Face Mask and Scrub (£7.00 30ml/£18.00. ) is available from Gallinée, Cult Beauty*, Lookfantastic* and Beauty Expert UK*.

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Wishing everyone a healthy and happy weekend! Sarah xxx

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