Cake The Posh Wash Shampoo Review

There’s always room for Cake…..

I love a bit of cake, who doesn’t? When I saw Boots were launching a new haircare range called Cake I had to try it! Since having my second son seven months ago my postpartum hair has been on an interesting journey (I hope I am not the only mum?) some days oily, some days brittle and dry, thinner, a sensitive scalp and enough fallout to block my hoover (yes really! I thought I had broken it!) so I am asking a lot of my haircare at the moment.

Who are Cake Beauty?

Cake Beauty are a cruelty free and vegan friendly brand based in Canada. They use natural ingredients in their products leaving them free of talc, parabens and other ingredients many of us choose to avoid, which I am a huge fan of as it means less irritants for my sensitive scalp. Fortunately for us they also manufacture in the UK so we can all try a bit of Cake!

I was drawn to The Posh Wash Shampoo when I saw it as it claims to extend the freshly washed feel resulting in being able to leave longer between hair washes – yes please! I am sure I am not alone in wanting longer between hair washes where possible! It has a gorgeous smell, like sweet icing on a cake which leaves my hair smelling yummy! I didn’t find the scent overpowering but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea so definitely pop and have a smell if you can.

Did my wash feel Posh?

I have been using The Posh Wash shampoo for a month now and am really enjoying it, it is sulphate free so it doesn’t irritate my sensitive scalp. Although it is sulphate free I can get a nice lather which is satisfying for that lovely clean washed feeling, a little goes a long way and this bottle is going to last me quite some time! To begin with I didn’t find I was able to wash my hair less frequently, however after two weeks of use I have been able to go three days between hair washes as opposed to two days without reaching for my dry shampoo. My hair feels soft and moisturised and is surviving my babies tugging!

I will be trying more from Cake and have my eyes on Thick Trick Volumizing Styling Foam to try and get some oomph back in my hair! If all the products smell as good to eat as the shampoo I will be hungry all day!

Cake is available at Boots, The Posh Wash Shampoo (295ml) rrp £8.99.

Have you tried any Cake haircare? Let me know in the comments below and if you would be interested in anymore Cake reviews?

5 thoughts on “Cake The Posh Wash Shampoo Review

  1. I’ll definitely have a look at this as want something sulphate free. I know what you mean about leaving between washes. I finally (after ages of building it up) got to 4 days between washes which has left my hair much more healthy and with less split ends between cuts 🙂


  2. I have not tried this brand but I love the cute packaging. I love that it led to less washing of the hair I mean who has time to wash their hair every day… certainly not me. 😂 I would love to read more reviews 💖

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