Clarins Comfort Scrub Review

I love a good exfoliant, clearing away all the tired skin cells and reviving my face. Now the seasons are starting to change I have been on the lookout for a gentle exfoliant for my skin. I came across the recently launched Clarins Facial Scrub range at my local counter, a collection of three specific focused exfoliants – Pure, Fresh and Comfort. After a lovely chat with the consultant (who doesn’t love a chat about beauty products I could have been there all day!) I opted for the Comfort Scrub hoping it would work wonders for my skin.

Clarins Comfort Scrub

The Comfort Scrub targets dry and sensitive skin, perfect! I was particularly drawn to it not only for its divine smell from the mango butter (yum!) but due to the fact it can also be used as a gentle scrub on your lips – multipurpose product yes please!

Nourishing Ingridients (the good stuff!)

  • Wild Mango Butter – full of nutrients and essential fatty acids to nourish the skin
  • Sugar Microcrystals made from beetroot to gently exfoliate lips and face

The scrub feels really satisfying to touch! A yellow gel in oil formula which has a lovely thick texture without feeling greasy. A little goes a long way and once in contact with water a little magic takes place and it transforms into a light milky consistency which massages really easily on my face. The sugar microcrystals provide a comfortable exfoliant without causing any irritation to my sensitive skin. It so luxurious and smells heavenly thanks to the mango butter, it is so very tempting to eat when I use it on my lips! (I wouldn’t recommend it though!).

The scrub has a real nourishing and soothing feeling which I love, it leaves my face feeling fresh and looking healthy and glowy! My skin and lips feel so soft after use. I love that I am not left with any redness or irritation after using the Comfort Scrub and can continue with my skincare routine easily . I use this in the morning as it really is a lovely pick me up before the busyness of the day starts. I have been using it twice a week for a month and am noticing less dryness in my problem areas with continued use. I am really pleased with the results from the Comfort Scrub, it has easily taken its place in my skincare routine and will be perfect to use during the cooler months and central heating days ahead!

The Clarins Comfort Scrub (rrp £26.00 for 50ml) can be purchased from Clarins and retail stockists.

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*All products have been purchased by myself, no affiliate links have been used in this post.

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