NYX On The Rise Mascara Review

I rely so much on my mascara (and morning coffee!) to distract attention away from my under eye bags (more like sacks at the moment!) NYX On The Rise Volumising Lifscara caught my eye on a recent trip to Superdrug (I only went in for baby wipes…!) I had to see if it would help to open up my tired sleep deprived eyes! Promising lift and volume I had high hopes and expectations!

NYX On The Rise Mascara

I love NYX especially their lip products, I have gone through so many lip lingeries and pencils over the years! This is the first mascara from NYX that I have tried. The mascara comes in sleek striking hot pink and black packaging, perfect to spot in the depths of my handbag (it’s becoming a bit too much of a Mary Poppins bag these days!)

The wand is lightweight and I found it easy to use which I was not expecting as it has a very different design to what I am used to, an hourglass/round shaped wand which on appearance has a very spiked head which I was dubious about! I needn’t have worried as I could capture all my lashes easily with the wand including all of my inner eye shorties! The mascara distributed evenly and separated my lashes on application beautifully.

The magic wand

After one coat my lashes looked thicker and fuller which I was really pleased with. Although the mascara lifted my lashes slightly I was disappointed it did not provide more lift for the wide eyed look which I was hoping to achieve. Despite this I did feel the mascara gave a nice volumised finish to my lashes and I will continue to use this as an every day mascara, ideal for the nursery run mornings!

Applied to one eye
one coat applied

I was really pleased that the mascara stayed in place all day with no flaking or panda eyes! It caused no irritation to my sensitive eyes and feels lovely and lightweight on my lashes. It removes easily with my makeup remover at the end of the day, no scrubbing required!!! My only wish was that I had been able to achieve more lift and that would have made this mascara perfect!

NYX On The Rise Volumising Liftscara (rrp £10.00)is available from Superdrug and retail stockists.

What is your favourite product to wake you up in the morning? Let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this review hit the star button! Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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8 thoughts on “NYX On The Rise Mascara Review

  1. I like the fact that it doesn’t flake and on your photos you can see a visible difference. Its a shame it didnt lift as you liked but read appreciate your honesty ❤. Like you I am a NYX lippy fan ❤

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