Revolution Pro Pore Primer Review

I have always been a fan of primers, creating a smooth base for my makeup (anything that will help to keep my makeup in place is always needed!) I think of them as an extra layer of protection on my skin if I can find the right one to work a bit of magic! I find if a primer works well and improves the appearance of my skin I use less makeup and save some valuable time in the morning (there’s also less products for my kids to run off with!) I saw the Revolution Pro Pore Primer on a recent visit to Superdrug, it looked a good multitasker so I thought why not give it a test drive!

The Revolution Pro Pore Primer comes in cute white tube with the primer dispensed by squeezing the bottom. It promises to:

  • Soften the appearance of large pores
  • Create an even base
  • Colour correct dark spots and discolouration
  • Leave a satin-matte finish

The primer is a pretty light peach colour, it is a cream-gel formula which feels comfortable on my skin when applied. It has a thin creamy consistency which feels light and absorbs easily into the skin. Once applied my skin appeared more matte which did help to disguise my pores, although they were still visible they were not as obvious. My skin tone appeared even and it felt wonderfully smooth.

My foundation and concealer applied and settled beautifully on the pore primer. I get oily around my nose and my makeup will often have a little party and move around throughout the day (lovely!) fortunately it does not have so much action when I used this primer! I do apply a slightly thicker amount to my nose which has helped and will also pop a little extra on my cheeks to help disguise my pores a bit more. My makeup stays in place throughout the day and our usual chaos!

Overall I am really impressed with this primer, it feels light and comfortable on my skin leaving a lovely smooth base and disguises my pores. Although my pores were still visible they were less obvious which I was really pleased with and for such a reasonable price I have no complaints!

Revolution Pro Pore Face Primer (rrp £7.00) is available from Revolution and Superdrug.

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4 thoughts on “Revolution Pro Pore Primer Review

  1. I like the fact that it colour corrects too as I do have blemish prone skin so this is something which I would look out for. At this price point it is an absolute bargain. Thank you for your recommendation. 💞

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