Spectrum Vegan Brush Soap Review

I love keeping my makeup brushes clean, I find it satisfying to know they are free of makeup build up and any nasties. However I do not enjoy the time it can take to clean them, it can feel a draining task! I have been on the look out for an effective and quick cleaning method and came across Spectrum Vegan Brush Soaps, I love Spectrum brushes and had high hopes for their Brush Soaps!

Spectrum Vegan Brush Soap

Spectrum are a cruelty free and vegan friendly UK brand who are well known for their affordable high quality makeup brushes, I have some in my bag and love them! They have a collection of three scented solid brush soaps:

  • Pink Grapefruit & Bergamont
  • Sea Salt & Vanilla
  • Lime & Basil

The soaps come packaged in a beautiful eco friendly tin with a silicone cleaning mat contained within the lid, the packaging is lightweight which makes it easy to use. I have Pink Grapefruit and Bergamont, I couldn’t resist some pink!

The textured silicone mat provides a deep clean

What the Brush Soap Promises

The Spectrum Vegan Brush Soap promises to remove product build up and bacteria from your makeup brushes, giving them a deep clean whilst providing some gentle conditioning. The soap base is made from coconut milk which contains natural antibacterial properties to gently clean and treat our makeup brushes.

How To Use The Brush Soap

I found the Spectrum Brush Soap very quick and easy to use, you simply wet the bristles of your brush and place it on the soap. Move your brush gently over the soap to create a light lather and then rinse the bristles.

Now for a deeper clean – my favourite part! move your brush bristles around the silicone mat, I was amazed how much residue was removed at this stage! Rinse and leave your brush to naturally dry.

Rinse and leave to naturally dry!


This is the easiest and quickest brush cleaner that I have used with very little work on my part, hurrah! Within minutes I watch the residue leaving my brushes and find it so satisfying when rinsing the bristles to see the water running clean. The soap removes dirt easily without leaving my brushes feeling sticky, it is a smooth soap that is gentle whilst treating my makeup brushes.

The silicone mat deep cleans my brushes in seconds without causing my brushes to shed or loose any bristles. I have been using it continuously for a month and am a long way from reaching the bottom of the tin which I am really pleased with. The Spectrum Brush Soap is the most effective brush cleaner I have used, it is easy to use, mess free and efficient at cleaning my brushes saving me valuable time in the day! It leaves my brushes in great condition looking and feeling soft and fresh, as close as they can get to appearing brand new. The Pink Grapefruit and Bergamont scent is light and refreshing complimenting the clean and fresh feel of my brushes perfectly! A brilliant brush cleaner, I will be trying the Lime and Basil next!

A quick and effective gentle clean for your makeup brushes

The Vegan Brush Soaps (£16.99) available from Spectrum and Beauty Bay.

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Wishing everyone a happy week! Sarah xxx

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