Spotlight on Skin Academy Zero Skincare

This year has been a year of reflection and more than ever we are aware of our lifestyle choices and impact on the environment. I love that more brands are considering their environmental impact and making steps to become more environmentally friendly. Skin Academy Zero is a sustainable organic skincare brand, their ethos to conserve and protect the environment is reflected in their six piece collection. I have been using Skin Academy Zero for 10 weeks, keep reading for my review!

Skin Academy Zero

Skin Academy Zero are an eco-friendly natural skincare brand, their products are cruelty free and vegan friendly. They are focused on protecting and conserving the environment using recycled and recyclable materials in their packaging. The packaging looks and feels chic, I love that is is 100% recyclable!


Skin Academy Zero use 100% natural and plant derived ingredients in their formulas. Zero by name their skincare collection is fragrance, paraben and SLS free. Some key skin loving ingredients used in their formulas are:

  • Shea Butter – high in vitamins it will moisturise, tone and smooth your skin
  • Sweet Almond Oil – to seal in moisture and give your skin a natural healthy glow
  • Coconut Oil – a natural emollient to protect and moisturise your skin
  • Sacha Inchi Oil – hydrates your skin and helps to restore skin elasticity
  • Green Tea Extract – anti-aging it will help to even your skin tone

Before we get into my review my skin type is normal/combination and currently on the sensitive side!

Zero Day Cream (£15.99)

The Day Cream contains coconut oil and shea butter, it promises to soothe and hydrate your skin. It has a light texture which is smooth to touch and feels cooling once applied. It glides on and absorbs into my skin easily leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Zero Day Cream texture

It provides a good base under my makeup which is always an essential for me! Suitable for normal/sensitive skin it is a light hydrating moisturiser which has been perfect for the summer months.

Zero Night Cream (£15.99)

The Night Cream promises to nourish and moisturise your skin overnight. The formal contains Green Tea Extract, Sacha Inchi Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to hydrate and even the complexion, I love it when I can sleep knowing my skincare is doing all the hard work!

Zero Night Cream

It feels luxurious and rich to the touch and absorbs quickly into my skin without feeling sticky or tacky. It is lightweight and leaves my skin looking smooth and hydrated. I have some dry patches of skin around my t-zone and the Night Cream has helped to relive them without causing any irritation which I am really pleased with. The Night Cream is suitable for normal/sensitive skin and will be great if you have dry skin,

Zero Eye Cream (£12.99)

The Eye Cream promises to hydrate and gently nourish the eye area. The formula contains shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil to moisturise and soothe our delicate eye area skin. It is a light cream which soaks easily into my skin without feeling sticky or irritating.

Zero Eye Cream

My eye area is generally quite dry and I loved how hydrating the Eye Cream is. I used it both morning and evening as part of my skin care routine and noticed an improvement in the dry areas around my eyes. Suitable for all skin types it is a gentle moisturising Eye Cream.

Zero Face Scrub (£12.99)

The Face Scrub promises to exfoliate whilst moisturising your skin. It is a light texture containing apricot seeds to gently remove dead skin cells. It is smooth and does not feel abrasive on the skin leaving my complexion even and soft.

Zero Face Scrub

Suitable for all skin types it is a gentle exfoliant which has a lovely light sweet scent. I find the Face Scrub is effective and perfect to use once a week to keep my skin even and soft.

Zero Face Wash (£12.99)

The Face Wash promises to soothe and hydrate whilst removing any dirt from our skin, the formula contains coconut oil and Sacha Inchi oil. It is a gentle cleanser which I have been using daily as part of my double cleanse. Once in contact with water the face wash creates a light lather which is easy to remove through rinsing with water or a damp face cloth.

Zero Face Wash

Suitable for all skin types it is gentle and effective without stripping the skin, leaving my face feeling clean and refreshed. I really enjoy using this daily!

Zero Hand and Nail Cream (£12.99)

I was really pleased to see the Hand and Nail Cream in the collection, I put it to work immediately! The formula contains shea butter and sweet almond oil to hydrate and soothe the skin. It is a light texture which absorbs quickly into my skin soothing my dry hands.

Zero Hand and Nail Cream

Suitable for all skin types the Hand and Nail Cream has prevented my hands from getting sore or cracked keeping them soft and looking healthy. It is a lovely moisturising cream which is gentle and kind to the skin with a lovely light scent from the sweet almond oil. I doubt it will come as a surprise that I am almost have an empty due to frequent use!

I have really enjoyed using the Skin Academy Zero Collection the formulas are gentle and have caused my skin no irritation. My favourite is the Night Cream it is such a lovely light texture which has hydrated and soothed my skin leaving it looking healthy and smooth.

Skin Academy Zero are available from Skin Academy, Holland and Barrett, Lloyds Pharmacy and retail stockists.

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments and tap the star if you enjoyed this post!

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy weekend! Sarah xxx

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