Pixi Plump Collagen Boost Youth Infusion Sheet Mask Review

I am a self confessed face mask addict, I love them! The perfect excuse to switch off, relax and daydream away. I have become a sheet mask lover with them being so convenient, quick and easy to apply after a busy day, no thought needed just pop them on and close your eyes – sheer bliss! I am a huge fan of the famous Pixi Glow Tonic it is a staple in my skincare routine (on my 3rd bottle!) so when I saw the Plump Collagen Boost sheet masks in the Skintreats range promising plumper and healthier looking skin after use I knew I had to try them.  

Beautiful packaging for these little beauties!

These masks come in a beautifully packaged box in packs of three and contain collagen and peptide to improve skin elasticity resulting in firmer and healthier looking skin – yes please! I decided these Skintreats would be perfect to try on holiday and I am so glad I packed them!

Full of goodness, check out the amount of product!

These little beauties feel lightweight but do not be fooled they hold a lot of product! They do not have a scent which I was happy with as there is less chance of irritation to my skin. Upon application the mask had an instant cooling effect, so refreshing and soothing on my skin after a warm day in the sun. I could feel the product soaking into my skin beautifully, a real hydration boost. The mask itself was a good fit on my face and stayed in place easily with no moving around, I could drink my cuppa without any mishaps! This mask feels creamy on the skin as opposed to sticky which was a lovely luxurious feeling. I popped my second mask in the fridge before use which made it feel even more refreshing, it felt simply wonderful I recommend trying it!

It doesn’t move at all once applied

After 15 minutes of relaxing with my much loved cuppa my skin felt smooth and extremely hydrated. My skin appeared plumper with a healthy glow (faking that good nights sleep again!) I patted the excess serum onto my neck and décolletage for some extra hydration, no wastage here! My skin felt ever so slightly tacky after the mask but not to the extent that I could not apply product be it moistuiser or my days makeup. My skin feels so moisturised after use that I only felt I needed a thin layer of my moisturiser as part of my normal skincare routine. My dry skin areas around my nose and forehead that are easily irritated appeared felt smoother and were slightly less visible -a big plus for me! 

Healthy glow after masking!

I really enjoy using these masks and think they are fantastic value for the quality you get l will be keeping them in my mask collection!

Perfect excuse for some me time!

The Pixi Plump Collagen Youth Infusion sheet masks can be found at Pixi Beauty (rrp £10.00) and retail stockists.

What is your favourite mask? Let me know in the comments below and follow me on Instagram for more reviews and chat!

5 thoughts on “Pixi Plump Collagen Boost Youth Infusion Sheet Mask Review

  1. WOW you have definitely sold this sheet mask to me. This looks and sounds great. I love Pixi Beauty but not tried this. Your skin looks so incredibly glowy after use. Thank you so much for sharing.I want this 💞💞💞

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