Urban Decay Lash Freak Mascara Review

Wearing my mask daily like many my focus with any makeup is on my eyes and mascara has become my best friend and must have! There have been so many new launches recently and being the mascara addict I am I love it! The new Lash Freak mascara from Urban Decay immediately caught my attention I couldn’t wait to put it to the test!

Urban Decay Lash Freak

Urban Decay are one of the first premium beauty brands I saved up to purchase once I started working, their single eyeshadow pots and naked palettes have been loved over the years! Lash Freak comes in bold neon green packaging, eye catching and fun which I love!

What it Promises

Lash Freak Mascara promises to:

  • Give your lashes intense volume
  • Lengthen, lift and curl your lashes
  • Flake-resistant
  • Smudge proof
  • Long wearing

My eyes are naturally watery, I have everything crossed Lash Freak will survive them and keep my eyes looking bright!

Vibrant Neon Green Packaging!

The Wand

The wand immediately caught my attention I love how innovative it is! The design is an asymmetrical brush created to define, lift and lengthen the lashes. The curved side of the brush acts as an eyelash curler to give a wide eyed look. I love that the tip of the wand has small bristles perfect for those tricky to reach lashes.

The wand has an asymmetrical design

My Review

I have been using Lash Freak for two weeks and the more I use it the more love it! Although the wand looks and is different to the traditional wands I love I have found it extremely easy to use. I use the brush side first to pack the mascara onto my lashes, it has fine bristles which comb through my lashes effortlessly and prevent any clumping from occurring. I then use the tip of the wand which has small bristles to capture my hard to reach lashes and comb through for an even finish. To finish I turn to the curved side of the wand and hold it under my lashes to curl and add some extra lift. I appreciate these sound a number of different steps however for me it felt no different to when I move my usual mascara wand around at various angles, the wand is flexible and lightweight making it easy to manoeuvre for a seamless even application.

The formula is not too thick, I feel it works with you making it easy to move through the lashes for an even defined finish. It does not dry down immediately which I love, I can easily add layers and build for a more dramatic look. The formula is lightweight and comfortable causing my sensitive eyes no irritation, it is easy to forget I have mascara on! It is long lasting and leaves me with wide eyes all day which I was really impressed with! removing easily at the end of the day was no problem with my usual remover, no extra scrubbing was needed! No panda eyes were in sight as I experienced no transfer or flaking despite my current watery eyes – a win!

one coat applied to one eye/no mascara applied to the eye
One coat applied to both eyes

I can achieve a wide eyed look easily in minutes, the wand makes it super easy to capture and define every lash without causing any mascara mishaps which I really love! Lash Freak has great staying power and will be staying in my mascara collection!

Where to buy:

Urban Decay are cruelty free and vegan friendly!

Lash Freak (£11 .00 travel size/£21.00 full size) is available from Urban Decay, Feelunique*, Cult Beauty*, Selfridges* and retail stockists.

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Have any questions? Let me know in the comments and tap the star if you enjoyed this post!

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy weekend! Sarah xxx

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