Vieve Eye Wand Review

I love a quick and easy eye look, the days when I could sit and take the time to play with my eye makeup are few and far between so I am always on the look out for quick and easy options that give me the quality and polished finish I want. Vieve has captured my attention with their collection to date, neutral shades that are wearable both day and night making them easy to use. When the Eye Wands recently launched I had two ordered in seconds!

Vieve Eye Wands

Encased in Vieves classic black and gold packaging which I adore the Eye Wands are lightweight with the lid popping off to reveal the enclosed wand, a gentle twist is all that is needed to get the perfect sized tip for application. I love the shape of the tip, it has enough curve to make it easy to apply comfortably in your eye socket and also line under your under eye. The outer packaging indicates the shade inside making it easy to grab the shade I want in my makeup bag.

Lightweight gold and black packaging

Now I love a multiuse product and the Eye Wands do not disappoint, they can be used as an eyeshadow, primer and eye liner. They promise to be:

  • Highly pigmented leaving a beautiful matte finish
  • Blend easily, used either alone, together or combined with powder eyeshadow
  • A skin loving formula to nourish our delicate eye area
  • Cruelty free, gluten free and vegan friendly
Easy to use tip makes application effortless

There are six stunning and wearable nude shades in the collection:

  • Vanilla – a scrummy creamy vanilla
  • Sand – a delicate Sandy pink
  • Camel – a warm beige
  • Hazelnut – a beautiful brown with a mauve tint
  • Mahogany – a striking deep brown
  • Raven – a rich black

I picked up Camel and Hazelnut.


Swatches of Vieve Eye Wands: Top – Camel, Bottom – Hazlenut

The Vieve Eye Wands are lovely and creamy seamlessly adding a beautiful pop of colour to my lid in seconds. I am a fan of a quick and easy eye look and love that applying using my finger or a brush I get a gorgeous result each time. The formula works with me, it doesn’t immediately dry giving me plenty of time to blend and build the colour from sheer to intense depending on my mood. The eye wands work perfectly in unison, gorgeously creamy I can mix and blend both shades to create a quick and easy smokey eye in minutes which is perfect on my busy mornings. They work well with my powder eyeshadows, once dried down they do not budge and are the perfect base. Camel is the perfect warm shade for summer giving me a beautiful sun kissed golden eye! Hazlenut works beautifully alone or combined with Camel for some added depth, both are wearable and flattering shades.

I have experienced no transfer and love how lightweight and comfortable they are on my eyes. The colour is long lasting and I have experienced only the most subtle hint of fading after ten hours wear which I am really impressed with. The finish is smooth on my lids, I used to shy away from cream shadows believing they would emphasise my occasionally dry lids and crease easily and am so happy this is not the case! I am not a makeup artist and love the variety of uses and looks I can create using the eye wands! They remove easily at the end of the day and leave my eye lids feeling soft, I love that the formula is not drying! I could easily use all six shades in the collection although Camel is my current favourite p! A welcome addition to my makeup bag!

A welcome addition to my makeup bag

The Eye Wands (£21.00) are available from Vieve and Cult Beauty.

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Wishing everyone a healthy and happy week! Sarah xxx

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