Trinny London BFF Serum DeStress Review

There are many factors that affect our health and skin and for me stress is a big factor (I need to do more yoga!). I always believe our faces reflect our emotions and you can easily tell when I am run down. When Trinny London released their BFF Serum De-stress it immediately caught my attention, a de-stress for my skin yes please!

Trinny London BFF Serum De-Stress and the famous stacking pots!

The BFF Serum De-Stress comes packaged in a silver tube with the lid popping off to reveal a pump dispenser which is easy to use and pops out the perfect amount for application. The tube is accompanied by an empty stack pot to dispense the serum into making it easy to pop in your bag or add to your stack, if you are a fan of Trinny London you will know how useful and easy to use the stacks are! There are twelve shades in the collection which may sound limited but do not fear the formula is stretchable adapting to all skin tones making it easy to find your perfect shade, I picked up the shade Claire.

A lightweight silver tube

What the BFF Serum De-Stress Promises:

  1. To counteract and relieve the appearance of stress on our skin
  2. Easy to apply and buildable to your preferred finish
  3. Leave your complexion looking smooth and healthy
  4. Give you a healthy radiant glow!
Easy to use pump dispenser

The Magic Formula!

The unique ingredients and science behind the formula of BFF Serum De-Stress instantly grabbed my attention. I don’t often get too deep into the science side on here however I can’t help myself on this occasion and must delve into it! The formula contains an innovative NP-TriOx Technology which includes Neurophroline to counterbalance cortisol (our stress hormones) giving our skin the boost it needs to manage and protect itself against the short and long term effects of stress which I find really appealing! The formula also includes:

  • Hyaluronic Acid – helps the skin to retain moisture leaving it looking smooth and healthy
  • Triple Broad-Spectrum Antioxidant Complex – to protect the skin and stimulate collagen production


Swatches of the shade Claire, a cool almond for light skin tones.

How did it Perform?

I am the first to admit I can get stressed very easily and weeks down the line my skin will show the effects, needless to say the BFF Serum De-stress was certainly going to be put through its paces with me! The formula is thicker than your average tinted moisturiser feeling more creamy and smooth as opposed to a loose fluid, do not be put off by this as I have found it melts and blends easily into my skin. It instantly adds a hint of luminosity and lifts my complexion giving me that fresh awake look that I crave. I love the calming effect it has on my redness and is buildable to a light/medium coverage that I can completely cover it on days I feel I need that little bit more help. My skin feels softer and smoother, I liken it to applying a thin glowing veil on my skin and you all know how much I love the glow! You will struggle to apply this serum and come away looking a mess, I often apply with one hand whilst getting my kids ready with the other – that is how much I can trust this formula!

It has a beautiful fruity scent which is delicious! It isn’t overpowering for those that aren’t fans of fragrance, I personally enjoy it. My skin is currently on the dehydrated side and I am so impressed with how the BFF covers these areas without clinging and emphasising them, it’s magic! It is a lovely hydrating formula that feels nourishingl on my skin and has caused no irritation which I was so happy with as I currently have irritated eczema on my jawline. It is lovely and lightweight I forget I have it on to be honest, my skin can breathe making it perfect for the warmer months ahead. It have found it to be long lasting leaving my skin looking juicy all day, one less thing to worry about! Through continual use of over a month I have noticed a calming effect on my skin, it appears considerably less dull and drained which I have been pleasantly surprised by, the skincare benefits in this formula are hard workers! I love the instant brightening effect and BFF Serum De-Stress is a magic tube I will happily repurchase in the future.

A juicy luminous finish

The BFF Serum De-Stress (£39.00) is available from Trinny London.

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